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Staff Application Format

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Staff Application Format Empty Staff Application Format

Post by The Stoned Rick Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:41 pm

This is a format to follow when applying for the staff. It is advised to follow this for the best chance of being accepted:


Age -

Discord Tag - (With the #)

SteamID -

Country of Origin -

Current Time Zone -

Are you in the Discord? -

Do you have a microphone and use it? (A microphone is now required to join the staff team)-

Detailed Questions:

Have you read and understood staff rules?

How long have you been playing on the server (in-game time and/or first joined)?

Have you ever been Banned, if so when and for what, and did you get it appealed?

How many warns do you have currently? (!warns in-game)

What would make you a valuable asset to the staff team and the work we do? (150 words)

What is your reasoning for wanting to be a part of the staff team of the server? (a descriptive answer is always best)(150 words)

Do you have any previous experience? If yes, please provide proof and explain thoroughly.

Do you see yourself as a dedicated player, explain. (150 words)

How active are you weekly on the server (Estimated time in Hours is the best).

Do you know and understand the server rules well enough to enforce? (You will be tested on them if your application is accepted)

Has your application followed the word requirements? Where it says (150 words) after the questions.

Any other details you need to let us know about?

Will you be able to attend meetings on a weekly basis?

Best of luck to you and please be patient!

The Stoned Rick
The Stoned Rick

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