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Admin Application Format

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Admin Application Format Empty Admin Application Format

Post by The Stoned Rick Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:47 pm

This is the format for Head-Mods that wish to be admin. Following this format is the best chance for being accepted!


Age -

Discord Tag - (With the #)

SteamID -

How long have you been playing on the server (in-game time and/or first joined)?

How active are you weekly on the server as of now(Estimated time in Hours is the best).

Why should you be picked for admin?(200 words)

How many reports do you think you closed?

What would make you a valuable admin for the community?(200 words)

Do you believe the other staff/players would believe it is well earned for you to be admin? Explain (200 words)

Will you be available for a interview on discord?

Have you met all the word requirements for the questions?

Best of luck to you! Patience is required after posting!

CLICK THIS LINK TO APPLY FOR ADMIN: https://forms.gle/pzSL9Qna752h94HL8
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