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Super Admin Applications

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Super Admin Applications Empty Super Admin Applications

Post by The Stoned Rick Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:50 pm

This is the format Head-Admins will use to apply to become a super admin. This is also the most difficult but make sure to give it your best shot! Using this format is the easiest and best way for a greater chance!


Age -

Discord Tag - (With the #)

SteamID -

How long have you been on the server?

How active are you on a weekly basis?(Estimated hours is best)

Do you have any experience of super admin? If so, any evidence or proof able to be provided?

Why do you think you should be a superadmin? (400 words)

If asked, do you believe the other staff memebers would agree with you being an super admin? Why? (450 words)

Are you able to dedicate yourself to being in control and helping others when needed? (400 words)

What would make you a valuable super admin of the server? (500 words)

Will you be able to have an interview on discord?

Will you be able to host/be in meetings on discord weekly?

Did you meet all the word requirements for the questions?

Is there any other details you wish for us to know?

Best of luck to you, remember those that are patient yield greater results.

The Stoned Rick
The Stoned Rick

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