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Staff Rules

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Staff Rules Empty Staff Rules

Post by Vioteck Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:19 pm


- Do not abuse your admin commands. Any abuse will lead to an immediate demotion.

- Failing to tend to staff situations is considered negligence and will get you demoted.

- You are not allowed, under any circumstance, to oversee your own staff situation. (Head-Admin+ is exempt from this rule)

- If you are unsure about how to handle a punishment, reach out to a higher ranking staff member.

- Warns are to be prioritized over other punishments. Here are the punishment guidelines: WARN/JAIL/WARN#2/JAIL#2/WARN#3/KICK/WARN#4/JAIL#3/BAN

- When taking an administrative situation you must type "!asb" to create a sit bubble. These bubbles must be in areas of the map that do NOT obstruct main play areas or tunnels. Failing to abide by this rule is a serious violation. In these bubbles, players are in god-mode and you are free from outside distractions/interference.


[Super Admin]

Management of the community. Handles macro matters.


Management of the server. Handles large issues within the server.


Assists the Head-Admin with his or her duties and handles serious matters on the server.


Helps Moderators out. Act as a role-model to your fellow staff members.


Fully-Accepted staff member. Follow the staff rules and help make the community better.


Prove your value to the community. Show us why you deserve Moderator.
Super Admin
Super Admin

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